Fadi Awad’s “Reach The Sky” Enters The Billboard Charts!

Perfect Line-Up & Team-Work, Wonderful versions that got charted in the DJ Pools and in the top digital stores, and played by Top DJs, Radio Stations, and Nightclubs worldwide… The release entered also in The European Top 200 Indie Chart, and was charted on “Music Worx”… All This and more led normally to One big result, One big achievement: The Entry of the whole release in The Top 50 Dance Club Songs Category of The Billboard Charts for its first week at 48!!! A well-deserved entry that didn’t surprise anyone, especially that Fadi Awad seemed confident as always in his previous press interview when he promised some good surprises achieved by this release! “Reach The Sky”, that is labelled by “Proconwire”, kicked off strong and keeping it up! And how will it not be when you have top artists on board who have done outstanding mixes and remixes such as StoneBridge, Damien Hall, Dan De Leon, Anthony Griego, Drew G, Teknoize, Felo Rueda, DJ Alan Bd, Dr. Rodge, and DJ Umbrozza!… Without forgetting artist Fadi Awad of course, and the magnificent singer Addie Nicole, who is respected and appreciated by Everyone… In his latest radio interview on Kiss FM 102.5 this morning, Fadi thanked The Billboard Staff and Reporters, and All who participated in this release and working for its success, and all who are supporting it, hoping to advance as high as possible inside the Charts. Notice that this is the 2nd consecutive project for Fadi Awad that gets inside this Billboard Charts category this year, after “Never Fade Out”!

On Billboard Charts: https://www.billboard.com/charts/dance-club-play-songs/2019-01-19

Follow Fadi Awad’s News & Updates: http://www.fadiawad.coolpage.biz/



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World Press

We cover in high accuracy and after verification all the Arts & Entertainment News.

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