Fadi Awad’s Important Interview With DR. Morissa Schwartz!

On the 12 of November 2020, Dr. Morissa Schwartz did an important interview with The Multi-Awards Winner and Billboard and Multi-Charted Artist Fadi Awad, who is a well-known National and International Professional Expert in The Music, Media, Entertainment, and Film Industries…

M: Welcome Fadi Awad, we’re lucky to have you on board today as you always do an important interview in this time of the year!

F: Thank you so much, it’s such an Honor…

M: I like to congratulate you first on All your achievements, especially the ones that you did lately during this hard year, as well as winning The Best Original Score Award in The “Hollywood Gold Awards” International Film Festival: https://hollywoodgoldawards.com/october-2020

F: Thank you! And I really thank The “Hollywood Gold Awards” Organizers and Judges for the appreciation, as well as my supporters for their continuous appreciated support…

M: Fadi, as an artist and a person, what do you think about what happened and still happening this year?

F: There’s no doubt that it’s a tough one in every aspect. What I truly think is that we’re in a transition phase for a change, and “the main film hasn’t started yet”, we are still watching the pre-scenes.

M: A change to the better?

F: It’s too early to judge, we have to wait and see…

M: There are also many changes in the Music Industry: Digital sales, streaming services, and more. What do you think about that?

F: Honestly speaking, they should be more effective and affordable to really help the artists because if it takes you to invest on the digital services as much as on the physical ones to get REAL visibility and effective results, I prefer investing on the physical services because there you can monitor closer your sales volume, and if good radio stations and/or music televisions rotate well your music, you will surely build or increase your fan base with real supporters and improve your Radio and maybe Charting History as well…

M: So the old ways are still better?

F: Way better… You search the Social Media for an artist who you listen to their song on the radio or music TV, and not vice versa if you know what I mean…

M: Correct!… Do you think that the Social Media is really helping the Music Artists who don’t have the capacity to invest properly? Especially the beginners?

F: Good Question! In my opinion, if you can’t promote don’t produce! With all due respect, this career is basically for Musicians and not for Webmasters! Besides. many confirm that the effective music promotion isn’t currently cheap, hoping that it will become more affordable someday. The rules of some of the Social Media platforms allow you to add only people who you already know offline to your friends list. Where is the Social Media in that??? Also, when you post anything on every Social Media platform, very few of your followers can see it according to their system, so where’s the Social Media in that too??? The old chatting programs were way better and were the real Social Media!… All what’s achieved is to let every Independent Artist invest on doing their own releases, websites, pages, having their own labels, their own radios, their own world, while many offer to sell them ineffective Social Media services… So if they don’t invest to promote properly, how will they get in the Market and who’s going to listen, play, buy, and chart their songs?!!!

M: Alright, but in some Social Media platforms, the artists also meet some new Industry Contacts without investing, right?

F: Without investment, they meet some other artists who are approximately on their same level to exchange with them “potatoes” for “lemons” as an example. But at the end of the day, they will both stay on the same level if they only count on that…

M: Ohh ok… Fadi, you’ve done wonderful successful legal remakes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and others original tracks. Any new remaking projects soon?

F: Thank you! Yes, we have “Jingle Bell Rock” to be released on the 14 of November, and “Silent Night” on the 21st… And both singles versions will be also released on the 28 of November in my upcoming album “Christmas Moments” to be added there to the 2 versions of my original song “Christmas Is Here” which single was previously released and won in The Hollywood Songwriting Awards contest…

M: That’s awesome! And after that, will you be continuing to do remakes or originals?

F: It depends. Probably both…

M: Will you also be participating in more Awards contests and festivals?

F: Of course!

M: Your songs were charted well in the Euro and World’s Indie Charts during this year as well as on the top DJs platforms. We know that the Best Club Dance Song’s Billboard Charting category is on hold due to the pandemic, what can you tell us about that?

F: First of all, I like to thank all the DJs and Radio Stations for rotating my songs as well as all who supported them to reach the Indie Charts during this tough year! Unfortunately, that Billboard charting category was and still on hold due to the pandemic and to the nightclubs closure in USA. We hope that everything will get back to normal as soon as possible, asking everyone meanwhile to stay safe…

M: Fadi, what messages do you like to send to everyone out there today, including your supporters?

F: I like to wish them ALL from now a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays! I thank my supporters for always being there, asking them to continue their appreciated support, promising them to keep doing my best in order to achieve good results.

M: Fadi Awad, thank you so much for this important valuable interview, wishing you also from now a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!

F: Thank you so much Morissa, same to you and to your Crew.

It was really a wonderful and important interview with The Multi-Awards Winner and Billboard and Multi-Charted artist Fadi Awad, who is also well-known of being credible, honest, courage, and a One-Love peaceful artist and person. Wishing him the best of success all the way!

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